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Prevention, Detection & Treatment of Infectious Diseases

The Office Infusion Center

Our practice provides a comfortable and safe setting for your outpatient ambulatory infusion needs. Through our Physician Office Infusion Center (POIC) patients are educated and trained on the care they wil receive. Our center conveniently located within our practice, where care is closely monitored by a Physician that specializes in infusion therapy.

Personalized Treatment

POIC patients visit the office according to their personalized treatment plan. During visits, patients receive their infusion or procure medications to take home. Additional services include dressing changes, lab draws, line maintenance, etc. Patients on antimicrobials meet with the physician at least once a week, where progress is assessed. Our center provides all services associated with infusion therapy within the practice, enhancing patient convenience.

Our Caring Staff

The nurses managing our infusion center are specially trained infusion specialists. Due to the private setting of our POIC, the nurse is able to closely monitor patient care during treatments. Here, continuity of care is assured by our clinical staff, as the same nurses provide care throughout a patient’s therapy. Our nurses are on call 24/7 for patients needs.